Month: January 2022

How to SEO Your Website

6. SEO Your Website The newly built website needs to be optimized for search engines. This process is known as SEO. SEO helps your website rank on search engines that will bring you a lot of visitors. The technical side of it may seem difficult, but in WordPress, most work can be done using ready-plugins …

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How to Get a Domain Name

2. Get a Domain Name Every website has a unique name that identifies it on the World Wide Web. They allow visitors to access their favorite websites whenever they want to by typing the website’s name dot extension which can be a .com .net or .org… such as,, etc. In short, a domain …

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Plan illustration

How to Plan a Website

1. Plan a website Before starting an online business, the question that should be answered is to what category does my website belong? The answer to this question is very important in that it will help a lot in finding a profitable niche. There are many types, but here’s a list of the most important ones: 1. Types …

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