2. Get a Domain Name

Every website has a unique name that identifies it on the World Wide Web.

They allow visitors to access their favorite websites whenever they want to by typing the website’s name dot extension which can be a .com .net or .org… such as google.com, facebook.com, etc.

In short, a domain name is the name of your website followed by an extension like .com, .net, .co.uk…, etc.

Domain Flipping abstract concept vector illustration.

1. About Domain Registration

Domain names are obtainable from accredited companies called domain registrars. 

A domain name is not a one-time purchase product, it can be registered for a period of time ranging from 1 and 10.

After the period of registration, it expires and becomes available to others. 

That’s why it’s important to never forget to renew the registration before the date of expiration. 

To register a domain name, I recommend the following:

2. Registering a Domain Name

Domain Name Registration Illustration

Registration is straightforward, on the search bar of the tool, you can check for the availability of domain names, if they are not taken, click on next, and then follow the instructions.

Before starting, bear in mind that good domain names are the ones that are:

Registering a domain name is one of the most important steps toward a successful business.

Don’t rush, have a cup of coffee, take your time, and think about some words related to your website’s content and then try multiple times, multiple combinations, until you come up with a good name.

Here are some creative ideas used by the biggest brands online:

  • Putting words together: like Facebook, YouTube.
  • Writing short phrases: like MySpace, SecondLife, StumbleUpon.
  • Slogans: like justdoit.com(Nike).
  • Combining parts of words: Microsoft, Wikipedia.
  • Misspelling words: like Flickr, Digg.
  • Change or add letters to words: like iPhone, iTunes.
  • Invent new words: like Clevious, Etsy.
  • Words from other languages: like Joomla.

3. A Quick Example

For this guide, we first tried the name “smarthouse”. We found that it is already taken.
One of the ways to resolve the problem is by adding suffixes, prefixes, or even words.
By adding the word “future”, our domain name is now available and ready for purchase.

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