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Buy VPS with Skrill: The Best Priced VPS Plan Ever!

Buy VPS with Skrill: The Best Priced VPS Plan Ever!

Looking for a VPS plan that is easy on your wallet but still does everything you need? We’ve found an amazing deal where you don’t have to spend a lot for great quality.

Amazing Price for Great VPS

Imagine getting a strong VPS for only €4.50 a month. This price is really good compared to others and changes the game for web hosting.

Please Note: To take advantage of the Skrill payment option for your VPS plan, ensure you switch your payment currency to Euro (€) during the checkout process.

When it comes to pure cost-effectiveness, it’s rare to encounter a comparable deal in the marketplace at such an affordable rate.

Compare with Other Big Hosting Services

When we look at this great deal next to what big companies offer:

LinodeGives you 4 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM, and 160 GB SSD for $40 a month.
DigitalOceanCharges $48 a month for similar features.
VultrAlso asks for $48 a month but gives you a bit more SSD space and traffic.

It’s important that a VPS is both good value and works well. This €4.50 plan is perfect for anyone looking to save money without losing quality.

How to Save More on Your VPS

Here’s how to make this deal even sweeter:

1. Pay in Euros

Save money by paying in euros. Here’s how you can do it:

On a Computer:

Click on Get Started below:

Then click on “BUY NOW”

Within the menu, toggle the currency from USD to EUR.

On a Phone:

After clicking on “BUY NOW”, access the site’s menu by tapping the three lines () icon.
Head down to the “Locale Settings” section.
Change the currency from USD to EUR and you’re all set!

By paying in EUR, you’ll save some dollars every month. Plus, you can pay with Skrill, which might not be an option if you pay with other currencies. For example, if you switch to euros for the Cloud VPS S Plan, you’ll pay €4.50 a month instead of $5.50, saving you about $0.76 each month. That’s about $9.12 less per year!

2. Choose a Longer Plan

The longer your plan, the more money you save. Going for a year-long plan can mean no setup fees, saving you more money.

Available Currencies & How to Pay:

  • Euros (€): Use Skrill, credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfers. If you can, you might also set up a direct debit.
  • US Dollars ($) and British Pounds (£): Pay with credit cards or PayPal.

Remember: Paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies isn’t possible.


With so many VPS plans out there, it’s not easy to find one that’s both affordable and good. This deal is special because of its low price and the option to pay with Skrill. It really stands out as the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose a payment currency other than Euro to use Skrill?

No, Skrill payments are exclusively available when you select Euro (€) as your payment currency.

What if my local currency isn’t Euro? Will there be additional conversion fees?

Additional conversion fees may apply if your local currency is not Euro. These fees depend on the terms set by your bank or payment provider.

Are there any long-term contracts involved with this VPS plan?

There are flexible subscription options available. Customers are not obligated to long-term contracts and can opt for a plan duration that suits their needs.

Will the performance of my VPS be affected by paying with Skrill?

The performance of your VPS is not linked to the payment method used. You will receive the same high-quality performance regardless of how you pay.

Is customer support available if I encounter issues with my VPS?

Yes, this quality VPS provider offers customer support to assist with any issues or questions that may arise.

How does the cost of this VPS plan compare to purchasing dedicated server space?

Generally, VPS plans are more cost-effective than dedicated servers, offering a balance between cost and performance that is suitable for many users.

Can I host multiple websites on this VPS plan?

Yes, depending on the specific specs of your VPS plan, you can host multiple websites as long as you remain within your resource limits.

Are there any hidden fees associated with this VPS plan?

Transparency is a key principle for reputable VPS providers. Any additional fees should be clearly outlined before purchase.

Is there an option for managed VPS services?

Yes. Also many providers offer both managed and unmanaged VPS services. Managed services typically come with additional support for system administration tasks.

How secure is payment with Skrill for this VPS plan?

Skrill is known for its robust security measures. However, always ensure that you are making payments through secure connections and trusted platforms.

Are there any special discounts for educational institutions or non-profits?

No, there are no special discounts of this type at this moment.

How soon after payment will my VPS be activated?

Activation times can vary, it can take from 1-3 hours for the servers to fully provision.

If I need more resources, can I purchase additional storage or RAM separately?

Yes, the VPS provider allows you to purchase additional resources or add-ons to enhance your server’s capabilities.

What happens if the Euro fluctuates significantly in value?

Significant fluctuations in currency value could affect the conversion rate from your local currency to Euro, impacting the cost of your plan when it’s time for renewal.

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