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Auto Cloak Affiliate Links Blogger & WordPress for Free

Auto Cloak Affiliate Links Blogger & WordPress for Free - Clevious

Are you looking for a way to automatically cloak your affiliate links on Blogger or WordPress without the need to spend many hours manually cloaking each and every link on your site?

Are you looking for a script or a plugin that offers this possibility for free and without paying a dime?

You’ve come to the right place! Welcome.

What does Cloaking Affiliate Links Mean?

In simple words, cloaking affiliate links mean hiding long, ugly, and meaningless links such as:

And showing small, beautiful, and meaningful ones to the user instead:

Why do Advertisers Cloak Affiliate Links?

Advertisers cloak links for many reasons and one of them is to increase conversion.

Conversion is increased when the visitor clicks on the link and purchases the product rather than typing the name of the website directly into their browser or searching for it on Google.

The end-user will more likely click on a short, meaningful link than a long and scary one.

How to Automatically Cloak Your Affiliate Links?

The tool I made here for you will allow you to generate a code that will help you automatically cloak all your affiliate links without doing a thing.

Write and post your affiliate links as you used to do and they will be automatically cloaked for you. Thanks to this affiliate link auto cloaking technique affiliate link cloaking became something quick and easy to achieve.

By using this generator, there’s no need to pay for a plugin nor spend a long time configuring and installing it.

All you need to do here is to:

  1. Select the right platform you are using: Blogger or WordPress?
  2. Type the redirect word you prefer to appear on your link such as redirectgo-to, or visit. Example: (Optional)
  3. Exclude the links that you do not want to cloak. (Optional)
  4. Click on the button to generate the code, and then follow the instructions that will appear with it.

Generate the Code

Select Your Blogging Platform (Blogger or WordPress)

Enter the text you would like to add to your link
Example: go-to (If you enter nothing here, go is set as default)
Your affiliate links will be like the following:

Enter the domains you want to exclude, each domain should be on a new line.

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