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VPS Setup Service: Unlock Premium, Free Hosting for Your Site

Let Us Guide You to a Free, Powerful VPS Hosting—Your Site Deserves More Than Shared Hosting

✓ No-Cost Premium VPS Hosting: Unlock access to high-quality VPS hosting without spending a dime, guiding you to secure a powerful VPS for free, forever.
✓ Boost Performance & Reliability: Leap beyond shared hosting’s slow speeds with a VPS featuring 4 oCPU and 24 GB RAM, ensuring your site operates at peak efficiency.
✓ Streamlined Site Management: Get our assistance in setting up HestiaCP or aaPanel for easy management, along with expert support for seamless WordPress migration.


Our Pricing

Our pricing structure is designed to offer you flexibility and value, ensuring you get the exact services you need without any hidden costs.


VPS Navigator

We'll help activate your free VPS and follow up by installing and configuring it with your preferred control panel, either HestiaCP or aaPanel.

$ 20 / One-Time Payment
  • Assistance in acquiring a free, powerful VPS (4oCPU 24 GB RAM)
  • Installation and configuration of your preferred hosting panel (aaPanel or HestiaCP)

Migration Master

Get all VPS Navigator benefits and a complete WordPress migration service to upgrade your hosting performance smoothly.

$ 40 / One-Time Payment
  • Includes Package 1 services
  • Plus, comprehensive WordPress website migration to your new VPS

Escape Shared Hosting: Unlock Your Site's Potential with a Free, Powerful VPS Upgrade

Imagine your website operating at peak efficiency, faster than ever, without the frustrations of shared hosting limitations. That’s what we’re offering. Shared hosting often means your site fights for resources like a car stuck in traffic. It’s slow, frustrating, and impacts your site’s reliability. We’re here to change that by moving your website to its own Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Here’s the deal: A VPS is your private express lane. It means dedicated resources for your site – no more sharing, no more slowdowns during peak times. We’re talking about a leap in performance with 4 virtual CPUs and 24GB of RAM at your disposal, powered by a state-of-the-art Ampere CPU. This is not just an upgrade; it’s a transformation.

And the best part? This doesn’t have to cost you anything. We’ll show you how to secure a powerful VPS for free. No hidden fees, no catches.

But why us? Because We don’t just talk the talk. We walk you through every step, ensuring your transition to a VPS is smooth and seamless. From setting up a control panel to migrating your WordPress site, We’ve got it covered.


Requirements for completing your project

After purchasing the service, we'll reach out to you via the email you provided during registration. In this communication, we will discuss the project's requirements in detail and inform you about the specific information or resources we need from you to successfully accomplish the project. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.

#1 Sign up with the VPS Provider

To sign up for this leading provider's free VPS, you'll need a credit card, but don't worry, you won't be charged unless you choose to upgrade—and you don't have to.

#2 Sharing Credentials

After your successful VPS provider registration, we'll request your login details to access and set up your VPS. We'll handle the installation & configuration, including a control panel setup for easy website management.

#3 Website Migration (Migration Master Plan)

If you decide to migrate your website to the VPS, we'll need your WordPress login credentials. This is necessary for us to back up your site and migrate it to the new VPS setup securely.

#4 Domain Name Pointing

We will ask you to point your domain name to the new VPS IP address. If you're not familiar with this process, don't worry—We will provide you with the necessary guidance and instructions on how to do it.

Steps for completing your project in details

This guide outlines the detailed steps we will follow to complete your project successfully:

Step 1: Register to Obtain Your VPS

We will first send you a link through which you can register your account on the VPS provider in question. Then, We will request your credentials.

Step 2: Activating Your VPS & Installing a Control Panel for Simplified Management

Next, we will configure your VPS and set up a control panel named HestiaCP. This will allow you to easily manage your websites.

Step 3: WordPress Credentials (For Migration Purposes)

If you chose the 'Migration Master' plan, we will request your WordPress credentials in order to back up your website effectively.

Step 4: Pointing Your Domain Name to Your VPS

We will instruct you to point your domain name to the VPS server and will guide you through the process if you're unfamiliar with it.

Step 5: Migrating Your WordPress Website

Finally, we will migrate your WordPress website, and voila!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPS and how is it different from shared hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers dedicated resources for your website, unlike shared hosting where resources are divided among multiple websites. This means faster performance, more reliability, and no slowdowns during peak times.

Why should I consider moving to a VPS?

Moving to a VPS can significantly improve your website's speed and reliability. It's like having your own express lane, free from the traffic jams of shared hosting, ensuring your site operates at peak efficiency.

What does your VPS Setup Service offer?

Our VPS Setup Service offers expert assistance in securing a powerful, free VPS for your website, ensuring peak performance and reliability far surpassing shared hosting limitations. This includes a leap in resources with 4 oCPU and 24 GB RAM and personalized setup of control panels like HestiaCP or aaPanel for easy site management.

What do the packages include?

Our "VPS Navigator" package ($20 one-time payment) offers assistance in acquiring a free VPS and setting up your preferred hosting panel. The "Migration Master" package ($40 one-time payment) includes all services from the VPS Navigator plus a comprehensive migration of your WordPress website to your new VPS.

How do I get started with the VPS provider?

After service purchase, you'll register through a link we provide. A credit card is required for sign-up with the VPS provider, but there are no charges. We then request your credentials to set up and configure your VPS, including control panel installation for easy website management.

What is required from me for website migration?

For clients choosing the "Migration Master" plan, we'll need your WordPress login credentials to back up and securely migrate your website to the new VPS setup.

How do I point my domain to the new VPS?

We'll guide you through the process of pointing your domain name to the new VPS IP address, providing all necessary instructions and support if you're unfamiliar with this process.

What makes your service different from others?

Unlike others, we don't just offer guidance; we walk you through every step of the process. From acquiring the VPS to setting up control panels and migrating your WordPress site, we ensure a smooth and seamless transition, providing expert support at every stage.

Please note that information will be automatically sent to your email, but we’ll carry out our communication via Messenger. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via Messenger by clicking on the button below.

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