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10 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website for Free

In this article, you’re going to learn how to drive traffic to your website without wasting much money on services.

All the things and tools you’re going to see here are available to everyone. So, any average internet user can follow, alter, or adapt these methods which will help you drive traffic without spending a dime. Let’s suppose you got some interesting content, an appealing headline — knowing the fact that headlines play a big role in the process of driving traffic. Then, what to do next?

1. Yahoo Questions & Answers

Open your Yahoo account and then search for Yahoo questions and answers, you’ll find many categories, choose the most appropriate one, find questions related to your article, service or anything you’d like to promote and answer them by putting a link to your website: make it like you are telling people that you found something interesting and that they should also know that it exists.

The benefit of doing this is not limited to driving traffic only but it also helps in improving your SEO by successfully gaining a backlink to your site.

2. Quora — The Best Answer

Quora is the same as yahoo questions and answers. The good thing is that many answers from Quora can be found on the first page of google which means that even if your website is new and your articles struggle to be on the first page of Google, by answering questions on Quora, your answer may appear on top of Google search results with a link to your site.

Just try to make your answer as detailed as possible so that search engines will see it as a quality article, and therefore, rank it.

3. Pinterest — Drive Thousands of Visitors

Some bloggers and marketers on the internet get thousands of visitors thanks to Pinterest only.

Whenever you pin one of your articles into Pinterest, interested people and your followers may find your links and access your website.
Building an audience on the website may take a long time for you, but the benefits are great.

4. StumbleUpon — Watch your Website Traffic Grows

Submit your website to StumbleUpon in few clicks and watch your traffic grows: You just need to do it once and then forget about it. The website will drive traffic for you without you doing a thing.

For successful traffic growth, try to submit quality articles that let the first visitors interact with them and feel happy to add them to their liked pages.
The more likes your articles get, the more chances they appear on the site for users who click the Stumble button.

5. Facebook Groups and Forums

Discreetly promote your website on groups and forums that are related to your niche by helping people first then sending them to your website so that they can get more information on the solution and that way you avoid being banned.

As you may know, moderators of Facebook groups and forums hate self-promotion without a real contribution. The reason is that if everybody self promotes their websites, those groups and forums will lose their goal.

6. YouTube High-Quality Videos

Create a promotional video on YouTube and try to choose the appropriate way of communicating your message. In general, it should be indirect self-promotion just as if you were suggesting a service or an article that you liked.

The quality of the video, the illustrations, the images, and your own voice also count here.

7. Blog Commenting

How many times you took a look at comments after that you read an article and found a compelling message redirecting people to another website, and you clicked on it?

Many people like to read comments and If you’d like to ignite their curiosity and interests, try to write a compelling comment — which shouldn’t look like spam — and watch your traffic grows.
The benefit of this is double, not only will you get traffic from your links, but also, you will gain backlinks that contribute in your website ranking in search engines, and it doesn’t matter if they were no follow as long as they bring visitors and are not spammy.

8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Without proper SEO, your website will not get organic traffic. Organic traffic the most important type of traffic for successful websites.

Therefore, it’s important to improve your website visibility by doing some SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

9. Link Exchange & Guest Blogging

Do some link exchange with another blogger. Your links in his blog will be considered high-quality backlinks by search engines if the person you’re exchanging with has a powerful blog.

But be careful here, the link should be accompanied with high-quality content, or else it may be considered Spam and it will have no value for search engines.

10. Social Locker

Use plugins like Social Locker and people will be asked to like, tweet, or give +1 with their google account to access the full post.

Social lockers will increase your social signals which are very important in website ranking. It will also bring many visitors from social networks.

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