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How to Boost Website Traffic for Free

In the last post of “10 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website”, I shared 10 tools anybody can use to boost their website traffic for free.

As an overall conclusion, all is needed for that is free time and dedication.

However, the previous article will not be complete if I don’t add that driving traffic only without a set of measures that should be taken can turn out to be useless.

It’s useless to drive traffic to your site without engaging your visitors.

This article is like that block that comes to complete the missing part of the building by showing the necessary actions to do in order to ignite potential visitor’s curiosity and interest as well as engaging them.

By the end of this article, you will have learned how to take full advantage of getting traffic to your website.

1. Know your Audience

Before proceeding to the composition of the content, one should know their audience as well as their expectations by asking the questions of ‘What group of people am I targeting?’ and ‘What will be their reaction to read/ buy/use… this?’

Putting oneself into someone else’s shoes is an important thing to produce quality content, and even though it’s something difficult to perfectly achieve, its main key is ‘listening’ to what others say about the business, service, or brand.

It’s only after ‘listening’ that comes the phase of improvements that should be based on the common remarks repeatedly received.

You can start ‘listening’ to your audience by reading and tracking their comments on your website or other places including forums.

You can also track their behavior around your site by using Google Analytics which will give you detailed insights of your visitors.

However, if you are not into that advanced point where you can ‘listen to your audience’, it’s preferable to start improving and developing a niche that necessitates ‘topic homogenization’ for the potential audience.

To know how to find a profitable niche, you can read the article “How to Find a Profitable Niche for your Website”.

2. Easy to Remember Domain Names: Start Improving Your SEO Before Even Making a Website

In “The Biggest SEO Secrets — Before Starting a Website”, I explained that short and easy to remember domain names are much better than those that are not because they look professional, easy to mention and easy to talk about which means that by choosing one, the result will be an improvement in CTR (Click-Through-Rate), an augmentation of visitors and their conversion into returning visitors & customers.

If you haven’t created your website yet, you’d better try to choose a short and easy to remember domain name.

For ideas of domain names and how to choose a domain registrar, you can consult: “How to Choose a Domain Name” article.

3. Write Compelling Headlines: Attract New Visitors

Until recently, people used to write headlines for search engines but that habitude is fading away.

According to top SEO experts, popular search engines today assess websites SEO in relation to their visitors.

When it comes to headlines, the number of clicks they get when they appear on search results count in rankings.

That is why it is recommended to write headlines for visitors.

They should be compelling so that your website benefits from the increased Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

To win the battle of attracting new visitors to click on your links, you can employ the methods of:

  1. Write down all the headlines — found on the first page of Google search results — that you can use in your article and then improve them, so if someone has an article that has a title starting with “10 Great Ideas….” Improve it and try to increase the number to be “20 Powerful Ideas…”.
  2. Using adjectives like ‘Great’, ‘Powerful’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Unbelievable’… etc.
  3. Using words and phrases people like such as: ‘the Secret of…’, ‘How to…’, ‘New’, ‘Free’, ‘Quickly’, ‘Easily’, ‘Exclusively’ … etc.

4. Quality Content: Add More Value to your Website

In general, people visit websites to find what interests them, but if they don’t, they just leave as soon as possible.

Staying for a long time or leaving on the spot are two different indicators for both humans and search engines that the quality of the content is either great or bad.

If you want to improve your SEO visibility, on top of improving CTR, try to improve the quality of the content too by writing long, engaging, informative articles containing all the information your visitors need and engage them for a longer time.

Among the goals of writing quality content is to increase the dwell time of visitors on the site which will help it in ranking among the best.

Quality content is your powerful tool to turn first-time visitors into returning visitors or customers.

5. Comfort: Make it look Professional

The best of websites containing the best of headlines and contents may also fail if they are not put into a beautiful framework.

Professional websites should combine great content with great design to facilitate navigation around it:

Great design makes the content easy to remember, to read, to share, to comment on, etc.

If you are not a professional designer, you can solve the problem with many solutions like:

  1. Hiring professional designers to improve your site design for you.
  2. Studying design and programming languages to improve your site design.
  3. Using a tool like WordPress to be able to download (or buy) any professional theme. (To know how to create a website using WordPress, you can read the article “How to Create a Website Quickly and Easily Tutorial”.)

On top of website design, logo design is very important, especially if you are running a brand website for the purpose of selling products.

Having a professionally designed logo will strengthen the memory that will be created around your site.

It will make your brand easy to remember and creates the feeling of trustworthiness.

To know how to create a professional logo, I invite you to read “How to Make a Logo for a Website: Step by Step Tutorial”.

6. Related Posts and Popular Content: Engage your Visitors

Let’s say your headline and content were successful: the first attracted many clicks and the second kept them reading for a long time, is it enough?

Of course not.

One should also try to engage their website visitors for a longer time on similar posts and articles for the end of minimizing ‘Bounce Rate’ which is one of the most important SEO factors that play a big role in website rankings.

Related Posts and Popular content are a powerful tool to invite visitors to stay and read more articles.

Be sure to add them to your blog or website!

7. Share Buttons: Skyrocket your Traffic

Another user-related factor that influences website rankings is the number of times a website is shared and is talked about on social networks.

To increase that, you can add ‘Social Sharing Buttons’ to your site and let your visitors recommend your articles to their friends.

The position of ‘share buttons’ plays a big role in facilitating ‘shares’ for users.

For an easy share, a trend today positions them vertically floating on the left side of articles.

So be sure to add clear and accessible social sharing buttons to your blog or website too!

8. Newsletter Subscription Form: Turn your Visitors into Returning Visitors

Subscription forms are so powerful, in that they keep your first visitors for a longer time by turning them into returning visitors or customers.

By collecting visitor’s emails, you can send them updates from your website and ask them to read more or even buy more.

The only problem with it is that many people do not like to leave their emails without any apparent reward.

As a reaction, bloggers created methods to address this issue and drive more people to sign up for their email list: One of them is creating pop-ups that appear whenever users try to leave the website asking them to subscribe.

Another method, usually combined with the first is achieved by offering a book, service, or exclusive content for free.

So, on top of ‘related posts’, ‘popular content’, and ‘share buttons’, do not lose your first-time website visitors and try to turn them into returning visitors or customers by adding a newsletter subscription form as well!

9. Breadcrumbs: They are Very Important!

Breadcrumbs, on websites, are most of the time those little categories that succeed one another and can be found at the top of posts and whose function is to indicate to readers the position of articles.

They may not seem as much important as ‘share buttons’, ‘related posts’, and ‘popular content’ in engaging your visitors, but they also play a part in it.

Many people like to know their position on your website to be able to identify on which category the post is and be able to go one step back to find similar posts under the same category.

Breadcrumbs are not only useful for visitors, but also for search engines.

They use them to understand websites’ structures.

It’s very recommended to add breadcrumbs to your website to auto-improve your SEO and increase your visitor’s engagement!

10. Social Networks: Build an Audience

Social networks are also a good tool to keep your visitors for a longer time by turning them into fans.

It’s very recommended to add ‘social buttons‘ for people to follow your website.

However because some well-known networks became paid, it is difficult now to build an audience and reach all the followers on them.

It’s better to concentrate on those that work like Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

11. Giveaways and Referrals: Let The World Knows your Business

The greatest way to skyrocket your traffic and let the world knows your business goes through giveaways and referral programs.

Give something valuable for free in exchange for a number of referrals and you’ll see how many people will visit your website and how many others will talk about it on social media and forums.

On top of this, you can also improve user dwell time on site by launching a loyalty program and start rewarding the best visitors for their engagement.

And it is also recommended to combine these with Newsletter Subscription so that whoever wants to participate in the giveaway needs to enter their own email address.


In this article, I tried to answer the question of what should be done to take full advantage of website traffic.

It shows that driving traffic only is not enough. You should also try to engage your visitors so that:

  1. They spend more time on your website. (To increase Dwell Time and minimize Bounce Rate.)
  2. They come back at a later time. (They become ‘returning visitors’)
  3. They talk about your website and link back to it (Gaining backlinks)
  4. They prioritize your website over others when using search engines (Improve CTR)
  5. They become fans and customers.

And finally, if you found this useful, then please share it with your friends.

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