If you tried to deindex a page from search engines and you just applied the tricks I shared in the article “How to Deindex a Post or a Page”, you may also want a way to make the pages disappear as soon as possible.

Rest assured that by properly applying what you have read in the article above, pages will disappear next time when search engines revisit your pages and find the HTML tags present.

The method I’m going to share with you here is both valid for:

  1. Temporary removal of posts and pages, and
  2. As a complementary method to the one shared in the above article for the purpose of speeding up the permanent deindexing of posts and pages.

Step 1: Add a Meta tag to the Posts or Pages

Just like explained in the article “How to Deindex a Post or a Page”, you should first add the meta tag that will tell search engines to not index the post or the page that you want to be permanently deindexed from search engines.

For more details, read the article above before continuing with this.

Step 2: Join Google Webmaster Tool

Just like the trick of speeding up the indexing of pages, deindexing pages also requires you to have an account on Google Webmaster Tools to be able to use the special tools for this purpose.

If you do not have an account yet, sign up for it, and then follow the instructions given by the search console until you have successfully signed up.

Step 3: Use the Remove URLs Tool

While you are searching for all the indexed pages as explained in “How to Check if your Website has been Indexed”; Note all the pages you want to be deindexed by copying their URLs and saving them into a notepad file.

You will next delete your website main URL from the URLs and keep only the path just like the following example:

Before: https://clevious.com/2017/12/
After: 2017/12/

After that, open up the search console and navigate to Google Index then Remove URLs.

Click on temporary Hide, Add the path, and click Continue, then Submit Request.

By doing this to all of the URLs, a few hours later, you will notice that the intended posts or pages have successfully disappeared from Google.

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