What is WordPress?

WordPress is a web application that can be used for free by anyone to create and maintain websites very easily.

Many web hosts including InterServer, provide a way to install it and configure it in a few clicks from their web host dashboard.
All is needed is entering some information like the website name, the username, the password, the email and you’re done.
More tweaks can be done later to make a great looking professional website.

No Coding Knowledge is Needed

In WordPress, you don’t have to learn programming languages and you don’t have to spend a long time coding your website’s appearance or functionalities. All you have to do is looking for an adequate theme or plugin for your business idea and there you are!

That is to say, with a simple keyword and a few clicks you can find the theme and the plugins that turn your website the way you like with all the functionalities that you want.

After Installing WordPress: Simple Steps

WordPress is built on the idea of allowing its users to download and install ready Themes and Plugins.

A theme on WordPress is what modifies the way your website looks.
A plugin adds new functionalities such as e-commerce functionality.
After installing WordPress, you can start creating your website by searching for an adequate theme: For a business website, you just have to search for “business themes”. For an e-commerce website, all is needed is to type “e-commerce themes”, for a blog, “blog themes” and so on.
WordPress repository will return a list of free themes that you can choose from.

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