In WordPress, you don’t have to learn programming languages and you don’t have to spend a long time coding your website’s appearance. All you have to do is to search for an adequate theme for your website and there you are!
That is to say, with a simple keyword and a few clicks you can find the theme that turns your website the way you like.
To create a business website, you just have to search for “business themes”. For an e-commerce website, all is needed is to type “e-commerce themes”, for a blog, “blog themes” and so on.

2. Two Types of Themes: Free and Premium Themes

In WordPress that there are two types of themes: free themes and paid / premium themes.

Many free themes are basic and aren’t highly customizable. Premium themes on the other hand, are highly customizable and are in general supported and regularly updated by their developers.

Free themes are easier to install than premium themes.
Let’s try to find a free e-commerce theme for our website.

3. Finding a Free Theme

1. On WordPress Dashboard, point your cursor to Appearance, then click on Themes.
WordPress Dashboard Appearance
2. To view a list of the available themes, click on Add New.
Add New Button Example
3. In the search bar let’s try e-commerce.
Search bar Example
4. In the list of themes, the theme of New Shop seems to be good, let’s try it.
WordPress Themes

3. Installing the free theme

1. We can install this theme by clicking on Install and then waiting for a while.
Installing WP Theme
2. Once installed, the theme should be activated by clicking on Activate.
Activating WP Theme
3. Once activated, it’s possible now to start customizing the site by clicking on Customize.
Customize WP Theme
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